Professional Bathroom Renovators

M.E.T Projects are a professional bathroom and apartment renovation team based in Sydney. Headed up by Michael Toovey, who with over 15 years experience in building project management has a reputation for quality, professional and reliable service.

Michael works only with the very best tradespeople in Sydney who are highly skilled in their specialty. His team has been dutifully built through his time as a strata maintenance manager.

At M.E.T Projects we specialise in apartment renovations and home remodelling. Bathrooms, cabinetry, kitchens, tiling, floating and engineered floors, doors and windows, plastering, painting and electrical.

With our team of highly skilled tradespeople we can ensure a functional and stylish product is delivered at the completion of your project.

Our Licensed Strata Manager can guide you through the approval process required of your Owners Corporation and act as your advocate in expediting approval at minimal cost to you.

What We Do

Residential Remodelling

M.E.T are specialist renovations and remodelling in residential apartments and Homes. For more than a 15 years, M.E.T has been working with hundreds of owners across all parts of Sydney in renovating bathrooms, remodelling interiors and delivering excellent outcomes for owners.

Strata Guidance

Doing a renovation in strata can be challenging with Owners Corporation and keeping up good neighbourly relations. The M.E.T team includes a licensed strata manager who can assist you working with your Owners Corporation to obtain approvals and works management.

Project Management

M.E.T uses proven project management disciplines to deliver your project on-time and on-budget. We set realistic timeframes, budgets and strata approval timetables.

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